Travis Scott finalising the upcoming ‘UTOPIA’ album
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Travis Scott finalising the upcoming 'UTOPIA' album

Following his back-to-back, electrifying sell-out shows at London’s O2 arena, Texas rapper Travis Scott has hinted he is now back in the studio and putting the final touches to his upcoming studio album UTOPIA. After the events last week, the rapper sent a tweet to his UK fans reading:  “I’ll be back when it’s album time.” 

Hopping over to Instagram, the rapper recently posted highlights from his two London shows with the final photo dump captioned, “Now to finish the [CD emoji].” Scott, ahead of his Zouk Nightclub residency ‘The Road To Uptopia’ in Las Vegas, is now more than ever, evidently eager to get back into the studio and perfect his upcoming project.

As a follow-up to his triple-platinum 2018 album ASTROWORLD, Scott has to ensure this upcoming project is up to scratch as critics eagerly await to compare the two. The rapper has already performed two unreleased songs from the album ‘God’s Country’, featuring Kanye West and a track entitled ‘Lost Forever’ and may perform more in Las Vegas.

As Scott slowly but surely integrates back into the world of hip hop after last year’s infamous Astroworld Festival crowd crush tragedy, the rapper seems to be wholly focused on the music and providing his fans with perfection.

Scott’s last project was brutally shot down by Nicki Minaj, who criticised Scott’s sales, accusing him of cheating the system by counting merchandise bundle sales as album sales. Minaj, on her Apple Radio show ‘Queen Radio’, blasted Scott labelling him a “h*e n*gga” and an “autotune man selling sweaters”.  However, despite Minaj’s outburst, ASTROWORLD stayed at number one ahead of her 2018 album Queen, which peaked at number two.

Fans are extremely excited now that Scott has returned, and hip hop is ready to receive a new project from the Texas rapper. You can read Scott’s Tweet below.