Kanye West blasts Adidas for starting Yeezy Day without him
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Kanye West blasts Adidas for starting Yeezy Day without him

Kanye West has criticised Adidas once again, this time for starting Yeezy Day without his approval.

If you’re unaware, Yeezy Day happens once a year and gives fans a chance to purchase Yeezy sneakers that are currently sold out and are re-released every hour on both the Confirmed app and Yeezy Supply website.

This isn’t the only time that the rapper has taken shots at the apparel giant in recent times. Earlier this year, he claimed they copied a slides design from him, and he’s now brought up these allegations once more in his latest rant against the corporation.

Ye let off steam in an Instagram DM exchange with Twitter user @ChaseSeesGhosts, who then shared the messages on the social media platform.

He ranted: “Adidas made up the Yeezy Day idea without my approval then went and brought back older styles without my approval picked colors and named them without my approval went and hired people that worked for me without my approval stole my colorways without my approval stole my styles and material approached without my approval and hired a GM of Yeezy without my approval.”

West then slammed Adidas for their treatment of Gap when he wanted to create “casual shoes” for the Yeezy Gap collection. Additionally, Ye also said Yeezy makes up for 68% of Adidas’ online sales without providing proof.