Mystikal now facing life in prison after serious rape charge
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Mystikal now facing life in prison after serious rape charge

New Orleans rapper Mystikal is most known for his 2000 record ‘Shake Your A**’. Produced by The Neptunes, the song reached number 13 on the Billboard Top 100 and has remained one of the quintessential songs of the 2000s with its funky beat and sexually provocative lyrics.

However, that may not be such a great thing as the Louisiana rapper has found himself in a serious battle with the law on charges of rape in the first degree, but irrespective of the huge ramifications he could face if found guilty, the rapper is confident he will win.

Referencing the charges against the rapper, his lawyer, Joel Pearce, brushed them off, stating, “It means nothing. We look forward to our day in court”. Quite the statement for someone who represents a potential lifer.

The charges brought against the 51-year-old rapper are the result of an alleged sexual assault that apparently occurred at his Louisiana home in late July. But this is not to be taken lightly, as it is not the first time the artist has had problems with sexual offences.

In 2004, the rapper lifetime registered sex offender following a conviction for sexual assault and extortion. But the rapper’s predicament gets even worse. According to the New Orleans Advocate, as well as the rape charges against the ‘Shake Ya A**’ maker, he has been slapped with charges of criminal damage to property, false imprisonment, domestic abuse, battery by strangulation, simple robbery and even drug possession.

Currently in custody at Ascension Parish Prison. The rapper, who has been denied bail, looks like he’s in the eye of a storm. You can listen to his 2000 hit in the video below.