Travis Scott to work alongside Pharrell and continue ‘Utopia’
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Travis Scott to work alongside Pharrell and continue 'Utopia'

Travis Scott has been one of the most talked about artists in hip hop for some years now. Partly due to the tragedy at Astroworld and partly because his unique style of rap has sent him into the hearts and minds of millions of fans. One channel that Scott used most effectively to sell his brand was his otherworldly album Astroworld.

The record is regarded as one of the best in the decade and has been used as collateral for Scott’s claims for some time. However, while La Flame certainly brought the fire on the record, the help of Pharell Williams truly set it apart. Now, it has been confirmed that Skateboard P is back behind the mixing desk for this LP too.

It’s not the only time Scott has worked with Williams, either. As well as Astroworld, Pharrell took a role in the creation of ‘Flying HIgh’ a powerhouse tune from Scott’s 2015 stonker, Rodeo. Pharrell produced the track alongside help from Mike Dean and Allen Ritter.

In a recent post over the weekend, that working relationship has been confirmed to have at least one more collaboration in it. Utopia looks set for completion very soon, and with Pharrell involved in the production, there’s a great chance that it is another gold star in the book of Travis Scott.

The connection was made when an image of the two men appeared on Instagram. Smiling from ear to ear, the two musicians gave off an image of creative connection and hinted at a record worth salivating over in the future.

Scott recently released two singles, ‘God’s Country’ and ‘Lost Forever’, as well as performed at London’s O2 for two nights, which has led many to assume the new album will be out sooner than your think.

Listen to ‘Flying HIgh’ below.