(Credit: Migos / Press)


Quavo and Takeoff reveal Migos show minus Offset

Rumours had been circulating about the potential of a Migos split, and following these, the group announced a show that will not include member Offset.

Migos have been revealed as the headliners for this year’s National Battle of the Bands in Houston, Texas, which is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday, August 27th.

However, the poster for the concert at the NRG Stadium only shows Quavo and Takeoff, and not Offset. Furthermore, the video that announced the event and Migos’ appearance said, “featuring a live performance by the Migos: Quavo and Takeoff”. Again, excluding Offset. The official bill for the concert’s inclusion of the group reads, “Grammy-nominated hip hop group featuring Quavo and Takeoff”.

Eyebrows were first raised concerning the lineup of Migos in May of this year when Quavo and Takeoff released ‘Hotel Lobby’, their first single as a new rap duo by the name of Unc and Phew. It later transpired that Offset had unfollowed both of Migos bandmates on Instagram.

Migos had pulled out of the 2022 Governors Ball last month, raising further questions about their future as a group. The festival organisers had claimed that the group had pulled out due to circumstances beyond their control.

A spokesperson for Migos claimed that they were still a group, however, and had pulled out of the event because Quavo had been shooting a film and could not work around the production schedule.

Also, in June, Quavo and Takeoff performed as Migos, without Offset, at the Summer Smash 2022 festival in Chicago, where they played ‘Hotel Lobby’, along with many other Migos favourites.

Migos released their most recent album last year in the shape of Culture III, the follow-up to 2018’s Culture II. In between those two albums, all three members of the group released a solo album.