Cardi B and Offset tattoo each other in time for Valentine’s Day
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Cardi B and Offset tattoo each other in time for Valentine’s Day

Cardi B and Offset have tattooed each other in time for Valentine’s Day as the happy couple proudly declare their love.

Last year, Cardi gave birth to her second child with the Migos rapper. “We are so overjoyed to finally meet our son,” she told Billboard in September following the birth. “He is already loved so much by family and friends and we can’t wait to introduce him to his other siblings.”

They are no strangers to showing their love off in public, and she announced her pregnancy during a performance with Migos at the BET Awards last summer. However, now they have taken things a step further during her reality TV series on Watch Together, Cardi Tries.

“Who does Valentines Day better than us??” Cardi asked her fans on Twitter ahead of the episode. Offset tells his wife in the clip: “Hell nah, you ain’t tatting me, bro,” before commenting that his work on her “looks like prison numbers”.

Their tattoos celebrate their wedding date of 9/20/17. “This tattoo, to us, it means love,” Cardi says during the video, which you can see below.

Meanwhile, Cardi recently won her libel case against a YouTuber and is to be handsomely rewarded $4million in damages.

She accused Tasha K of leading a “malicious campaign” against her which has harmed the rapper’s reputation through a series of posts. Her lawyers told the court that Cardi suffered “embarrassment, humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional distress”, and as a result, she was initially awarded $1.25million (£930,000) in general damages and $250,000 (£185,000) for medical expenses.

However, now it has come to light that Tasha has been hit with further penalties and has to pay an additional $1.5million (£1.1million) in punitive damages. Cardi will also be paid the full costs of her attorneys’ legal expenses and fees incurred.