50 Cent defends Nicki Minaj after Lil’ Kim disses her son
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50 Cent defends Nicki Minaj after Lil' Kim disses her son

The Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim feud is still growing strong as Lil’ Kim has now decided to send shots at Nicki and her son on Megan Thee Stallion’s ’Plan B’ (Remix). Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj have worked together before and collaborated for the 2018 track ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and have appeared to be friends in the industry. However, that may change after Stallion has seemingly allowed Minaj and her family to be outwardly disrespected on her latest release.

Upon hearing the shot fired toward Nicki and her son, fellow Queens rapper 50 Cent took to Instagram, tagging Minaj in one of his stories in an attempt to reach out. The story read, “QGTM [Queens Get the Money],” tagging Nicki Minaj’s Instagram account. “You better light her ass up, I’m watching. She said something about the baby, her baby eye fucked up. LOL”

However, this wasn’t the end. Catching wind of what the rapper had said about her child, Lil’ Kim took to social media blasting the G-unit rapper in the comments section, writing, “Now watch what God do to his life.” then proceeded to call mogul a b*tch, commenting, “It’s OK, he just doin what b*tch niggaz do.”

On a rampage, Lil Kim’ even went on to elude to a failed romance that she had with 50 Cent, posting, “Still mad about that date, I see. I ain’t know [you] was this mad [though], damn. F*ck boi. Glad [you] was [listening] though. Song was for [you].” Minaj is yet to respond to Kim. However, 50 Cent seemed more than happy to do it on her behalf. Although much of the verses meaning is fan speculation, supposedly, the rapper addressed Nicki Minaj’s father, brother and son.

Despite Kim’s best efforts over the years to get a rise out of Nicki Minaj, the last time Minaj directed anything toward the rapper was a decade ago with her single ‘Stupid H*e’. However, Minaj has had issues with many people in the industry, including Remy Ma, Wendy Williams, Joe Budden, Safaree, K Michelle and more. However, with her latest album Queen Radio Vol. 1 emerging as a greatest hits album, it looks like Minaj is done with the industry. 

You can read Lil Kim and 50 Cent’s exchange below.