Lil’ Kim reveals a new biopic is on the way
(Credit: Michael Antonio)


Lil’ Kim reveals a new biopic is on the way

Lil Kim has revealed a biopic about her life is currently in the works.

In a new interview with The New York Post, the pioneering rapper said there were concrete plans in place to “absolutely” turn her upcoming memoir into a biopic. Although Kim currently doesn’t know who will play her, and said, “I don’t know… We’ll have to see”.

While the biopic is currently very far away from the screen, Kim did reveal it will follow a similar structure to her upcoming memoir, which will be released later on this year.

She also said that no stone would be left unturned in the film, and added, “Oh my God. Everyone’s gonna know things that they’ve never known.”

Earlier this year, she spoke to PEOPLE about the book and talked about her relief about finally getting to tell her story unfiltered. “I’m excited to finally get to tell my story after all this time. Many people have thought they knew the story of Lil’ Kim, but they have no idea,” she said.

The book is titled, The Queen Bee, and examines the wild 30-year career of Lil’ Kim. She shot to fame in 1996 with her debut album Hard Core, executively produced by Biggie Smalls, and to date, it has sold nearly five million copies worldwide.