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Megan Thee Stallion claims that ‘Traumatize’ has satisfied label demands and asks for $1m in damages

Megan Thee Stallion has made an amendment to the lawsuit against the 1501 Entertainment label as she believes that she has fulfilled her contract obligations when he released her Traumatize album.

Now Megan has asked a Texas court to help in ending her “tortured” relationship with the Houston-based record label. Megan is also requesting that $1 million be paid to her for damages caused. This follows the original lawsuit only asking for non-monetary reparation.

The new lawsuit was filed late last week and has been given to the court by Megan’s lawyers, requesting that her new album Traumatize – as well as 2021’s Something for Thee Hotties – are both recognised as an ‘album’ as constituted in her record agreement with 1501 Entertainment and that Megan has therefore satisfied her obligations.

1501 are in pursuit of their own legal reparations with Megan; they are claiming that they are owed millions of dollars owed to a 2018 contract that stipulated they were entitled to 30 per cent of her total touring and merchandise profits. They claim that Megan should not be free from her contract as Something for Thee Hotties contained previously-released music and was therefore not an entirely new album.

Just before Traumatize was released earlier this month, Megan tweeted, “Carl be so mf mad ahhhh haaaa that’s why you can’t make no more money off me,” before adding, “I know he over there wiping the shit out that head with that towel cursing hard af.” This indicated that she believed that she had fulfilled her contractual obligations with 1501.

After the Traumatize tracks were leaked, Megan further criticised 1501, writing, “I can’t catch a break my label hate me and my shit always leak. At this point invite the hotties to the studio and shoots.”