The story of how Big Pun met Remy Ma
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The story of how Big Pun met Remy Ma

Bronx rapper Big Pun, as well as being an amazing artist, was the founder of the legendary hip hop crew the Terror Squad that in 2004 topped the charts with their smash hit ‘Lean Back’. Along with himself, Fat Joe and Cuban Link, there was another member of the Terror Squad, none other than the iconic ‘Shether’ rapper Remy Ma — and the story of how they met is quite a compelling one.

Remy Ma (real name Reminisce Mackie), like Pun, lived in the New York borough of The Bronx during the 1990s in the Castle Hill Houses, a housing project in the South Bronx. Big Pun happened to live in the Soundview neighbourhood, a mere five minutes from Castle Hill.

As a teenager living with her mother in Castle Hill, Mackie made friends with her neighbour, a young man in his twenties named Danny. In an interview, the rapper recalled: “I used to go over there and smoke with n*gga after school and sh*t.” 

The rapper detailed how Danny had a friend called Sunkiss, who was an underground rapper in The Bronx, and so one day, on the way back from school, Danny decided to introduce her to Sunkiss. Sunkiss told her a bit about himself, telling her, “Yo, my name’s Sunkiss I f*ck with Pun”, and, to display her talents, she rapped for him.  

Sunkiss details how as soon as she finished, he got on the phone with Pun and told him, “Yo, I got this chick she mean.” Sunkiss put Mackie on the phone with Pun, she rapped for pun and instantly, Pun invited her over to his house.

Remy disclosed how when she arrived at his house, he “was sitting on the couch in his f*cking boxers and a wife-beater….there were like 20 people in the house”. According to both Sunkiss and the rapper herself, in a bid to impress Pun, she freestyled for approximately an hour. As soon as she stopped, Pun inducted her into the Terror Squad, and two weeks later, she featured on Big Pun’s album Yeah Baby on the track ‘Ms. Martin’. Pun met Mackie in 1999 but would, unfortunately, die shortly after the album was released in 2000 as a result of an obesity-related cardiac arrest.

A sad ending to a great story. However, you can hear more amazing things about Remy Ma and Pun’s relationship in the video below.