The moment Wiz Khalifa got high with an Olympian
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The moment Wiz Khalifa got high with an Olympian

Pittsburgh emcee and Taylor Gang frontman Wiz Khalifa is a renowned weed smoker and has blazed with the best of the best, including Snoop Dogg and Juicy J. However, in an appearance on Spotify’s Rap Caviar podcast, the artist unveiled that he had smoked with a highly decored US Olympian. 

Speaking with the podcast’s host Jinx, the O.N.I.F.C. rapper revealed that he had smoked with the gold-medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps and highlighted his unbelievable lung capacity. Explaining the swimmer’s demeanour, Khalifa stated, “I just smoked with Michael Phelps. That was pretty cool. And he was super chill.”

The star (real name Cameron Thomaz) continued, “He just kept walking up to me like, ‘This weed is amazing.’ He was like, ‘I feel like I’m floating!’ And I wanted to make a swimming joke, but I was like, I’m just gonna keep that to myself, bro. That dude’s got like, Aquaman’s lungs, bro. The weed inhale – he’s smoking a joint like in two puffs.”

The swimmer shocked Thomaz when he revealed that he was an avid hip-hop fan and would listen to Lil Wayne’s ‘I’m Me’ while preparing to compete at the Beijing Olympics back in 2008. In fact, he’s such a rap music nerd that he once had a funny and amicable Twitter exchange with an incarcerated Young Thug.

The YSL artist tweeted, “I’m talking with my roommate, and we’re wondering if you could swim 100 miles from the middle of the ocean back to shore – @MichaelPhelps.” To which Phelps responded, “Yeah, I think I could make it.” Thug proceeded to ask how long it would take Phelps and received a response from the Olympian reading, “Talking to @coach_bowman … We think it’d take 50ish hours… and it wouldn’t be pleasant!”

After getting the chance to smoke with Michael Phelps, Thomaz was keen to create an official smoking Olympics with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Wiz, Curren$y, Method Man, Redman, and Cypress Hill to see who is the king. The idea was sparked by a tweet made by Styles P, to which Khalifa responded, “I hear you talking about a smoke-off. I love the thought of it!” You can hear the proud stoner speaking about his experience with Michael Phelps in the video below.