Tyler, The Creator explains why rap is his first love
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Tyler, The Creator explains why rap is his first love

Following Tyler, The Creator’s return to his sonic home of rap music with his most recent album Call Me If You Get Lost, the musician has discussed why the genre will always remain his first love. It’s a tell-tale story from one of the genre’s most progressive and extensive creators.

Every stage of his career has constantly seen the talent tweak his sound and his persona. This attitude has won Tyler an almost unmatched number of plaudits, allowing him to stand out from the crowd as he evolves at lightning speed.

The most intense shift in his career came in 2019 when he released Igor, which saw the former Odd Future man slip into a funk and soul phase. As expected, the genre switch wasn’t permanent, and Tyler has now started flexing his rapping muscles once more.

Speaking at the BET Awards, Tyler explained his decision to switch things up again for Call Me If You Get Lost, noting: “I just love rap so goddamn much … listening to [2005’s] The Dedication with Lil Wayne, and We Got It For Cheap with Clipse, they really shaped me into who I am.”

Adding: “I think a lot of people forget that I’m a rapper because I’m so multifaceted. I just had to remind everyone, ‘Don’t let the wig get it twisted, y’all n***as can’t fuck with me.'”

Tyler also took to the stage to perform ‘Lumberjack’ at the BET Awards and proved why his creative levels are unparalleled.