Lil Kim wants to take Nicki Minaj on at a Verzuz battle
(Credit: Monique Tatum / hnnssy25)


Lil Kim wants to take Nicki Minaj on at a Verzuz battle

Lil’ Kim has stated that she wants to take on Nicki Minaj at a Verzuz battle.

The two have been locked in a feud for almost fifteen years, and it could finally be settled in a Verzuz competition. When Kim was asked the question during an interview at the BET Awards about who she’d take on, she didn’t hesitate before providing her answer. 

The rapper appeared on the red carpet live stream pre-show at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, and when Kim was asked whether she wanted to take part in the series, she immediately replied “yes” and added, “Nicki” was who she wanted to battle.

The war of words between the artists started in 2007; when Minaj was accused of stealing Kim’s artwork for her first mixtape, Playtime Is Over. The rivalry accelerated over the next few years, with Minaj retaliating by calling Kim a “sore loser” in 2010.

Minaj’s 2010 track ‘Roman’s Revenge’ was then interpreted as a diss track at Kim. The following year, Kim responded with her mixtape, Black Friday, which title derived from Minaj’s debut LP, Pink Friday — her artwork even showed a decapitated Minaj.

Minaj’s 2012 single ‘Stupid Hoe’ was then widely thought to be about her old foe. In 2017, Minaj was then accused of copying what Kim wore to the MTV Video Music Awards in 1999 at Paris Fashion Week, which she later denied.

Check out Lil Kim’s invitation to do a Verzuz with Nicki, below.