The Weeknd provides an update on his new album
(Credit: Kayla Johnson)


The Weeknd provides an update on his new album

The Weeknd has started teasing his next album and revealed he’s “really proud of this one” as he ramps up the excitement.

2020 was the year of The Weeknd thanks to the release of his triumphant fourth album, After Hours. The Canadian adopted an unhinged persona for the record, and Abel Tesfaye has stayed in character for almost 18-months. Now it seems as though he’ll finally be ending the era and moving on from the red suit he’s been donning ever since he began the After Hours project.

Tesfaye previously hinted that the end was nigh for After Hours and the depraved world it existed in when he told the audience at the Billboard Awards that he’d “like to thank God that I don’t have to wear that red suit anymore”.

In a series of tweets, The Weeknd has now begun teasing his next body of work. “We gettin’ there,” he tweeted alongside an emoji of a disc emoji and later added, “Really proud of this one. Wow,” he added.

The mercurial multi-talented artist wasn’t done yet and then posted: “Massaging it now, being sweet to it. giving it some tlc.”

The singer then confirmed that what he’s working on isn’t just a track or an EP, but is “a full body of work.” Detailing further, he added: “Just so there’s no confusion.”

This incident isn’t the first time that The Weeknd has hinted at the new project on Twitter. Earlier this year, he wrote: “Made so much magic in the small quarantined room,” before revealing that he us “now just piecing it all together” and heralded the work as “so beautiful”.