Logic and MadLib launch brand new project ‘MadGic’
(Credit: Nick Mahar / Brandt Luke Zorn)


Logic and MadLib launch brand new project 'MadGic'

Logic, the pride of Montgomery County, Maryland, and MadLib, the pride of Oxnard, California, have bridged their geographic gap to team up for a brand new collaborative project entitled MadGic.

There has been a lot of talk about Logic’s planned “retirement”, and whether it was a cannily planned PR ploy or a legitimate desire to step back and take a break, it’s had the intended effect of propping up his inevitable return to the spotlight. It doesn’t hurt that he’s pairing up with one of the most talented producers in modern music, the man who brought us Quasimoto and ‘Song 33’ and Madvillainy (R.I.P. MF DOOM) among countless other classics.

Sonically chaotic and feverishly urgent, MadLib fills the arrangement with his signature densely sampled production while Logic flows at top speed about whatever happens to be on his mind, from becoming an older figure in the hip-hop landscape, to selling out, to giving a shout out to his production partner’s work with the supervillain himself. It all makes for a breathless introduction to a new collaboration, the sonic equivalent of a shotgun blast. Why be subtle when you can be explosive instead?

No official album has been announced as of right now, although Logic alludes to a full-length LP in the lyrics with the line “fuck a underground, fuck a pop sound/Made this whole album in a lockdown, hip-hop is our town”. If nothing else, it will be fascinating to hear more from two artists with unmistakable sounds bouncing ideas off each other. On ‘Mars Only pt. 3’, the chemistry between the two mixes together about as much as it conflicts and chafes, but even when the two artists clash, it’s a wonderfully bizarre clash: the kind of reaction that creates creative sparks. It’s the kind of classic that you want to hear more of.

Check out the audio for ‘Mars Only pt. 3’ down, below.