The Weeknd has finally put 2011’s ‘Trust Issues’ on Spotify 
(Credit: YouTube)


The Weeknd has finally put 2011's 'Trust Issues' on Spotify 

Canadian singer and songwriter The Weeknd has shocked fans as he finally puts his 2011 song ‘Trust Issues’ on Spotify. The track, which was a remix of a Drake song by the same name, was released unofficially over a decade ago. However, it has only recently made it onto the streaming platform. 

Earlier this month, the vocalist (real name Abel Tesfaye) surprised fans when it was revealed that he had collaborated with the video game. Fortnite is on a new skin bundle ahead of the brand’s virtual festival live event.

However, it seems that his Fortnite collaboration wasn’t the last of Tesfaye’s Christmas offerings. ‘Trust Issues’ was a fan-favourite when it was released in 2011, and some loved it more than the original, which appeared on an unnamed four-track EP released in the lead-up to Drake’s second album, Take Care.

Unfortunately, although it has appeared on Tesfaye’s Spotify releases, it is not able to be played on Apple Music or any other streaming services. On these platforms, fans merely get the simple cover art and the song listed under “The Weeknd.”

The Weeknd’s soft and sultry version of the original features airy kicks and claps that leave a little more space for the rattling percussion. Furthermore, Tesfaye’s take on the 2011 cut features hypnotising guitars that riff throughout various track segments.

Earlier this year, the singer released a track alongside Playboi Carti and Madonna entitled ‘Popular’ which received a good response from fans, and then following the surprise upload of Carti’s single ‘UR THE MOON’ to YouTube earlier this month, Tesfaye reposted it on Instagram which has given fans a sense that there may be new music featuring the pair on the way.

While his music is setting the internet alight, The Weeknd has been extraordinarily charitable and has announced that he is providing millions of meals to Gaza. He is also rectifying some issues he had earlier this year when he cancelled performances in Australia and New Zealand.