Kid Cudi expresses support for Palestine in ongoing conflict
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Kid Cudi expresses support for Palestine in ongoing conflict

Kids See Ghosts emcee Kid Cudi has decided to weigh in on the Israel-Palestine conflict as the former continues its military ground invasion in the Gaza Strip. The ongoing proxy war has left thousands dead, with several still held captive in the region. 

On October 7th, following the killing of innocent civilians in Israel, several celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Madonna came out to stand in solidarity with Israel. However, as the death toll begins to climb, many musicians have signed an open letter asking the US government to call for a ceasefire.

Despite many not knowing the full details of what is happening in the region, droves of artists have taken to social media with significant claims, calling the siege of Gaza ethnic cleansing, with Cudi himself asking for “an end to the ongoing genocide.”

In a lengthy Instagram post, the musician (real name Scott Mescudi) wrote, “The things I’ve been seeing in the news have been breaking my heart. I can’t watch what’s happening in the world and remain silent. I can’t imagine the pain people are feeling. Seeing their entire neighbourhoods bombed, losing generations of family members, parents crying over their children’s lifeless bodies, communities turning into mass graves, people digging through the rubble of their homes in hopes of finding remains of their loved ones – a pain no one should have to go through.”

He continued, “It doesn’t feel right to share the music I have coming out and pretend like there isn’t a part of the world burning, thousands of people being murdered. I know some people are gonna disagree with me, but that’s OK. As a Black man, I stand against all forms of oppression. And as an artist, I feel responsible to give a voice to the unheard and to celebrate the spirit of all people through my work and my presence.”

Many prominent African Americans, including the likes of Angela Davis, have suggested that the community has a duty to stand with Palestine, and Cudi has taken it upon himself to make sure his opinions concerning the matter are heard, despite the hardship his mentor Kanye West went through following his comments about Israel’s prime minister last year.

The rapper concluded by writing, “I’m hopeful we won’t attack each other on the basis of upholding basic human rights. I’ll always encourage peace for everyone – physical peace, mental peace, spiritual peace. No matter the religion or ethnicity, the loss of innocent lives is never acceptable.”