The unusual rapper Jack Harlow called an “icon”
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The unusual rapper Jack Harlow called an "icon"

Kentucky rapper Jack Harlow has been making music on the underground for over a decade. Desperately fighting to break into the industry, Harlow has a passion for his craft and has definitely kept his eye on the competition. However, there is one unusual artist that he believes is an “icon.”

The ‘First Class’ musician rose to the top quite quickly and is among the few respected white rappers in the game currently. Since signing with DJ Drama’s Generation Now record label in 2018, the young artist has achieved incredible things and has quite the following.

Harlow has released three albums, two EPs and six mixtapes since his arrival and has collaborated with many interesting characters. However, one of his most intriguing collaborations was with Atlanta emcee Lil Nas X. The pair joined forces for their single, ‘Industry Baby’, which featured on the latter’s 2021 album, MONTERO.

Although the rhymers boast wildly different music styles, Lil Nas X and Harlow complimented each other well on ‘Industry Baby.’ Shortly after the song’s release, the two artists sat down for an interview with Genius in which they spoke about why they felt like the collaboration was necessary.

Praising Harlow, the country-rap star unveiled, “What I like about Jack’s bars is he’s gonna pop some shit and have some fun moments.” He continued to laud the Kentucky lyricist for his witty lines and slick flow. However, the love was reciprocated.

Addressing Lil Nas X (real name Montero Hill), Harlow stated, “We feel each other, you know what I mean. We do two different things. You know, we’re in this industry for two different reasons. We came in with different music, but I feel him, and I’m a fan of him.”

He continued, “And I’m a fan of what he’s doing and what he stands for. I think he’s becoming an icon. I just like what he does. I salute him. I think he’s brave.” Harlow’s statement, although said with love, may have been a bit excessive as, to this day, many people in hip-hop are uncomfortable with Hill and his music. In many ways, he is a pariah. Still, irrespective of what the majority think, Harlow considers Lil Nas X an icon.

You can watch their joint interview below.