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Lil Nas X drops new single 'Industry Baby' with Jack Harlow

American rapper Lil Nas X has released his latest single ‘Industry Baby’ with Jack Harlow.

The track is one giant clap back at anyone and everyone who has something critical to say to X. Whether it’s minor quibbles like his slow release schedule and what genre he fits into (pop, according to him) or more hot button issues like his unwillingness to hide or even be coy about his homosexuality. Lil Nas X is gay, guys, and he’s putting it directly in his raps in case any idiot wants to be pissed off about it.

Harlow’s verse is… fine, I guess. It certainly doesn’t have the intrigue or tenacity of Doobie’s raps, but it still works as a counterbalance whenever Lil Nas X gets goofier or heavier. Harlow is driving right down the middle of the road lyrically, and that’s neither a problem nor a terribly interesting facet of the song.

As is customary for any new Lil Nas X song, the track comes with an eye-catching video. X and Harlow find themselves in prison, where X takes some time to get twerked on, lift weights, have a shower dance party, and eventually escape by burning the whole place to the ground.

Is there a chance that this video fires up the same viral notoriety of his previous single ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ and its pearl-clutching visualiser? Almost certainly. Even though there’s no explicit religious imagery in ‘Industry Baby’, the societal watchdogs are sure to have a field day with the explicitly gay visuals. Dancing naked in an all-male prison shower? Yeah, that’ll probably get some lukewarm takes from certain Republicans. Lil Nas X is truly making an art form out of making ignorant asshats look even more backwards than they already are.

Check out the video for ‘Industry Baby’ featuring Jack Harlow down below.