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Jack Harlow reaches the stars on new single 'First Class'

Jack Harlow - 'First Class'

Jack Harlow’s new single ‘First Class’ has dropped, and the boy has done it again.

If you’ve been on Tik-Tok over the past week, you’ll already be familiar with ‘First Class’ after it went viral on the platform after Harlow shared a snippet of it alongside a video of him dancing. Since then, everybody else has been trying to hop on to the trend.

‘First Class’ is built around the sample of ‘Glamourous’ by Fergie, and Harlow is bringing that noughties nostalgia on the track. It’s a hook that he’s given a second lease of life too, and it’s just as catchy as it was back in 2006.

On the track, Harlow is spitting about how he can no longer step out on the street without being harassed, but he lets it known the plus sides to fame far outweigh the negatives, and he’s enjoying life in first class.

He infectiously raps with more than a pinch of arrogance: “Tryna come the same day as Jack, rethink it, Y’all don’t need Givenchy, you need Jesus, Why do y’all sleep on me? I need reasons, Uh, I got plaques in thе mail, peak season, Shout out to my UPS workers, makin’ surе I receive ’em, You could do it too, believe it.”

Harlow will be hip-hop’s next superstar if he already isn’t one, and when he drops his new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, on May 6th, everyone will realise we are currently living in Jack’s world.