The rapper who would happily give $1 million to Donald Trump
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The rapper who would happily give $1 million to Donald Trump

For decades, Donald Trump has been an icon in the hip-hop community. From songs such as ‘Black Trump’ by Smiff-N-Wessun to lyrics like “Beeper’s going off like Don Trump gets checks / Keep my bases loaded like the New York Mets” from A Tribe Called Quest, the former President has always been an adored figure in the culture and has met many a rapper in his day.

During his presidency, Donald Trump met with artists like Kanye West and Lil Wayne and was heavily supported by MCs like Azealia Banks and eventually A$AP Rocky. However, one rapper recently revealed he would happily give the businessman $1million.

In an interview with Noreaga and DJ EFN for the Drinks Champs podcast, Florida rapper and ‘No Flockin’ musician Kodak Black unveiled that he has had unwavering support for Trump since he pardoned him in January 2021 for federal weapons offences.

The Pompano Beach act real name (Dieuson Octave) told the podcast’s hosts that when he met Trump, he realised that the two had a lot in common despite not being that close personally.

Expressing his affinity for the former Apprentice reality TV star, Octave exclaimed, “I f*ck with that bo. He a Gemini like me — his birthday is two days after my sh*t. And that boy, like, he be vibin’ out here too.”

To find the depths of Octave’s love for Trump, Noreaga proceeded to ask, “So if Trump right now, even though he probably don’t need it, if he needed a million dollars, would you give him a million dollars?” To which the rapper quickly responded, “Of course, n*gga!”

Octave was sentenced to 46 months in late 2019 for falsifying information on federal forms to buy firearms and served over a year. However, in 2021, Trump signed the paperwork to waive Kodak Black’s sentence. Ever since, the Florida native has been grateful and even defended Trump after he was indicted for a scandal involving Stormy Daniels earlier this year.

You can hear Octave’s interview below.