The moment Snoop Dogg nearly signed with G-Unit Records
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The moment Snoop Dogg nearly signed with G-Unit Records

Snoop Dogg has been on several different record labels. From Death Row to No Limit and Startrak, numerous labels have put out various Snoop projects. When the West Coast legend parted ways with Death Row in 1999, he swiftly joined No Limit Records.

Snoop remained on No Limit for most of the 2000s, with only a few of his projects released through Pharrell Williams label Startrak. However, at one point, the Doggystyle musician was considering entering a joint partnership with G-Unit Records.

In an exclusive interview with Young Jack Thriller on 50 Cent’s This Is 50 YouTube media outlet, DJ Whoo Kid explained how Snoop (real name Calvin Broadus) almost inked a record deal with G-Unit Records. According to the DJ, the conversation surrounding a joint agreement began when Snoop and 50 collaborated on the 2003 ‘P.I.M.P’ remix. 

Whoo Kid (real name Yves Mondesir) met Broadus for the first time at the remix video shoot. According to Mondesir, it was here that the Long Beach legend expressed his hope to join the Queens emcee’s label. Elaborating he explained, “It was kinda close; it wasn’t like he was gonna sign. He was gonna have like a joint deal [with G-Unit].”

He continued, “During those days, he had joint deals with everybody! He had one with Master P…he was signed to everybody. But he wanted a G-Unit connection! During that time is when he wanted to be like Dogg Pound/G-Unit.” The Long Beach rapper was intrigued at the idea. However, the pair’s musical and age differences would have made it a hard feat.

The collaborative deal never came to fruition, but instead, 50 Cent began to work closely with The Game. However, the ‘In Da Club’ emcee never merged with another crew. In fact, shortly after he achieved mainstream fame, his own crew was beginning to fragment.

What could have been?