Master P has revealed Snoop Dogg made a Death Row diss track
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Master P has revealed Snoop Dogg made a Death Row diss track

Louisiana rapper Master P is a legendary emcee and a respected record executive in hip-hop. As the founder of No Limit Records, the New Orleans businessman has managed many artists from Silkk the Shock to C-Murder.

However, he also took on West Coast legend Snoop Dogg as he parted ways with Death Row in 1999. Master P (real name Robert Miller) was highly attentive to his artists and oversaw them as they made songs. However, he recently unveiled that he had to prevent Snoop Dogg from releasing a diss track aimed at Suge Knight and Death Row.

Taking to social media in response to a Snoops’s appearance on The Pivot podcast, Miller posted a picture with the caption, “We have to stop thinking out of emotions! We all We Got! @snoopdogg is successful & where he’s at today is because he didn’t let pride stand in his way & wasn’t afraid to change and grow, salute to my brother and partner. #GODISGOOD look how God work now he own that same record company.” During Snoop’s conversation with hosts Fred Taylor, Ryan Clark, and Channing Crowder when the track was brought up the Doggystyle rapper confirmed revealing: “yeah…it was called ‘F*ck Death Row.’

He continued: “People were smart enough to know I wasn’t ready to go to war. I was just vigilant and I was like ‘F*ck that I gotta defend my pride,’ but my pride would have got me killed! Sometimes you gotta be smarter than the average bear. You gotta know and understand why you’re here, and I needed him [Master P] as a big brother and a mentor to pull me out of that bad environment take me to the South and show me a different world. My family are from Mississippi see sometimes you gotta get taken back to your roots and I was able to go see my grandmother and I was able to see certain family members.”

Snoop first revealed the story of ‘F*ck Death Row’ to The Breakfast Club in 2020. During the 2020 interview, Broadus explained, “Do you realize that that saved my life? Master P saved my life. I was gonna put an album out called Fuck Death Row.” However, as a someone signed to his label Master P did not give that album title or the track the green light, and he had to talk the Long Beach emcee around to changing it, but the ‘Gin And Juice’ act is still extremely grateful and happy that Miller prevented that project from getting released.

Hear Snoop speaking on Master P in the video below.