The Game picks rapper who will be this generation’s Tupac
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The Game picks rapper who will be this generation's Tupac

In an interview with Montreality, following the recent release of his album Drillmatic: Heart vs Mind, Compton rapper, The Game was asked about his thoughts on the new generation of rappers and who he is currently enjoying. In response, the rapper not only named who he is enjoying but even went as far as to equate the rapper to Tupac Shakur and detailed why. 

Listing rappers he kind of enjoys, he finally came to a rapper that he loves, and that rapper was Louisiana artist Youngboy NBA. He then boldly declared, “NBA YoungBoy will be the Tupac of this generation.” From an LA native, many fans were taken aback that an artist who is considered average at best could be equated to the legendary Tupac Shakur. However, in an awkward and roundabout way, the Compton rapper did explain why. 

During the interview, around the fifteen-minute mark, the rapper explained that “sometimes when you see an 18-year-old say ‘NBA YoungBoy is better than Tupac,’ it’s not because he actually is or that Tupac is better than NBA YoungBoy. It’s just the Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/Lebron James thing, it’s different eras of greatness.” 

The rapper went on to explain how there are different levels of greatness for different eras, so now what is considered great is different to what was considered great in the 1990s. However, that is almost to insinuate that the standards have been lowered. 

However, the Drillmatic rapper is not the only artist to have lauded NBA Youngboy in such an overt way. In 2019, Trippie Redd suggested on social media that NBA YoungBoy was Tupac Shakur reincarnated by saying, “Believe or not, love me or hate me, YoungBoy is Tupac, man.” So it seems as if The Game is not alone in his belief, however, a lot of fans struggle to fathom how one could even attempt to equate the two artists. 

You can watch the full Montreality interview with The Game in the video below.