Former Death Row employee says Keefe D could be arrested for Tupac’s murder
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Former Death Row employee says Keefe D could be arrested for Tupac's murder

A former Death Row Records bodyguard has claimed Keefe D could be arrested over Tupac’s murder.

Reggie Wright Jr. made the claims during an appearance on the Bomb1st podcast. He alleged Keefe was the last man alive in the car which fired the shots that killed Shakur and says he thinks he’ll be charged for his involvement this year.

Wright also suggested the Las Vegas Police Department have been increasing the scale of their investigation into the Shakur murder with a focus on Keefe D.

Allegedly, Keefe D was the most talkative witness during the Tupac murder enquiry and was nervous during the final weeks.

He explained: “Let’s put it this way, I bet Keefe D [has] been having the runs for the last two weeks. Because yeah, they are knocking on doors and there’s some activity.”

Additionally, Wright brazenly asked listeners to guess the date Keefe D would be arrested, and he’ll send them a gift if they predicted the accurate day.

Last year, the documentary Last Man Standing, about the death of Tupac and Biggie, arrived on Netflix. In a review, Hip Hop Hero wrote: “Though Broomfield’s latest batch of evidence certainly adds fuel to the smouldering embers of Tupac and Biggie’s pertinent unsolved murders, the evidence simply isn’t definitive or forceful enough to produce actual change.”