Tekashi 6ix9ine has cars seized by the IRS
(Credit: Vladimir)


Tekashi 6ix9ine has cars seized by the IRS

Bushwick emcee Tekashi 6ix9ine has landed himself in more legal trouble as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seizes his various assets. More specifically, the IRS has taken his luxury cars, including the rapper’s custom-made Lamborghini and his personalised Bentley.

The IRS seized them at his Palm Beach residence in Florida as part of an investigation but has yet to let the rainbow-haired musician know precisely why he is being investigated.

The cars were seized with the help of Florida’s Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office on April 17th. However, the ‘GOOBA’ artist was not home at the time. Aside from his luxury automobiles, the IRS seized several more personal assets.

Video footage surfaced online of his brightly coloured Bentley and Lamborghini, in which viewers can see notices attached to the windshields of his cars with his name, Daniel Hernandez, on them, letting him know they are now in the possession of the Internal Revenue Service.

In the video, fans can see that his custom Bentley had several bullet holes in its windows. However, it is unlikely that this is why his cars have been seized as the IRS is a body that deals with tax affairs.  

Following the raid by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Hernadez’s attorney released a statement reading, “We are assessing the situation and will issue a statement at the appropriate time.”

Although some of the emcee’s cars are still in his US residence, the ‘KOODA’ artist currently lives in the Dominican Republic. However, has faced legal problems out there also.

The Brooklyn native was recently released on bail for a domestic assault offense involving his current girlfriend, Yailín la Más Viral. Hernandez was reported to the Santo Domingo police by Viral’s mother, Wanda Diaz. 

Although the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, it is still uncertain why the IRS is investigating the rapper.