6ix9ine crashes his orange Rolls-Royce Phantom
(Credit: Vladimir)


6ix9ine crashes his orange Rolls-Royce Phantom

The controversial New York rapper 6ix9ine was involved in a car accident on the weekend. Footage has emerged of the ‘GUMMO’ musician with his damaged orange Rolls-Royce Phantom and the other white car involved in the incident.

Presently, further details of the crash are scarce, but a clip shows 6ix9ine on the phone examining the damage, whilst road assistance is also present. “Yo, baby, pull up on me real quick — I just crashed,” he is heard saying to someone on the phone. “N-gga, I’mma send you my location. Damn, n-gga.”

This is not the first car accident the Brooklyn native has been connected to. Last Easter, the mother of his baby, Sara Molina, and his daughter Saraiyah were involved in a serious car accident when travelling in an Uber mini-van. 

An ambulance arrived and took all parties involved to the local hospital. It was reported at the time that Saraiyah had severe pain in her arm and was left shaken, while Sara’s sister suffered from whiplash. It was Sara who emerged with the most damage, though. She was concussed and in extreme pain afterwards, with it noted that before the accident, she was already battling with multiple sclerosis.

Elsewhere, earlier this month, 6ix9ine was involved in what appeared to be a heated scuffle with the brother of fellow rapper Anuel AA. Afterwards, on February 7th, a video was shared by DJ Akademiks on Instagram, showing the confrontation, but little else is known about what sparked it. Notably, in 2020, Anuel AA was criticised for maintaining a friendship with 6ix9ine despite his cooperation with the federal authorities earlier in the year. 

Prior to the incident, in January, 6ix9ine was thrown out of Miami, Florida, restaurant after he was alleged to have passed free bottles of alcohol around to all the patrons.