Suge Knight accuses Snoop Dogg of creating 2Pac’s downfall
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Suge Knight accuses Snoop Dogg of creating 2Pac's downfall

The now-incarcerated Suge Knight has been highly outspoken on his podcast Collect Call With Suge Knight and has accused various former Death Row artists and West Coast acts of several things. His latest accusation concerns Snoop Dogg, who he has blamed for 2Pac’s downfall.

As well as addressing Snoop Dogg in his most recent episode, he has stated that he disapproves of Drake’s latest Kendrick Lamar diss track, ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’, which used A.I. to recreate the voice of 2Pac. 

Speaking about the Toronto emcee, Knight explained, “Young people do what young people do. It’s y’all turn, but regarding the homie’ Pac, he wasn’t no chump. Putting him on a song and dissing Kendrick [Lamar] for everybody entertainment — that ain’t how it go!”

He continued, “Then putting him on a song with Snoop, who was a part of his downfall and exit, ain’t ever a good look. ‘Pac was a king on that chessboard. He never was a pawn, so he can’t make him be a pawn now.”

Speaking directly to Drake, he then warned the ‘God’s Plan’ artist about the streets of LA by saying that gang affiliates in Los Angeles don’t take disrespect or play about with stuff like that and won’t tolerate it.

Snoop Dogg wasn’t informed about his faux appearance on ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’ before its release, so he posted a funny reaction on Instagram, stating, “They did what? When? How? Are you sure? [Sigh] Y’all have a good night.”

He concluded, “Why everybody calling my phone, blowing me up? What the fuck— what happened? What’s going on? I’m going back to bed. Good night.” Last year, Suge Knight blamed Snoop for 2Pac’s death and stated that the rapper (real name Calvin Broadus) had some “explaining” to do.

Suge Knight insisted that he wanted a face-to-face sit down with Snoop, who now owns Death Row Records. However, the Doggystyle emcee pays little interest to what the imprisoned legend says nowadays.