Suge Knight says Snoop Dogg fraudulently bought Death Row
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Suge Knight says Snoop Dogg fraudulently bought Death Row

Controversial music mogul, Suge Knight has claimed Snoop Dogg didn’t buy Death Row Records in a legit manner.

The iconic label was formed back in 1991 by Suge Knight, Dr. Dre, and Michael’ Harry O’ Harris, who made it an institution. Snoop was one of the signings who helped to establish their name worldwide, and purchased the company last year. His first two albums, Doggystyle and Tha Doggfather, were released on Death Row before Snoop decided to part ways in 1998.

In a press release, Snoop previously said: “I am thrilled and appreciative of the opportunity to acquire the iconic and culturally significant Death Row Records brand, which has immense untapped future value,” Snoop said in a press release.”

Now, TMZ state: “Speaking to us from the CA State Penitentiary — where he’s doing 28 years for voluntary manslaughter — Suge claims the label was only forfeited after a lawyer failed to attend court. So, he lost it in a 2013 default judgment to MNRK Music Group.

The publication continue: “He considers the whole bankruptcy proceeding — which screwed almost all of Death Row’s artists — a sham and, in his eyes, a direct violation of the law. One problem with his theory is Snoop had nothing to do with the bankruptcy case, and only purchased Death Row from MNRK in 2022 … and Harry-O had no involvement, at least publicly, in that transaction.”

Knight also reportedly suggested it isn’t Death Row Records because he doesn’t have any involvement with the business.