Drake drops AI Kendrick Lamar diss track featuring 2Pac
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Drake drops AI Kendrick Lamar diss track featuring 2Pac

Since the release of Metro Boomin and Future’s collaborative album, We Don’t Trust You, Drake has been embroiled in multiple beefs. This latest hip-hop firestorm began when Kendrick Lamar aimed the Scorpion emcee on the track ‘Like That.’ Ever since, there has been chaos.

Although Drake addressed the Compton lyricist on his diss track, ‘Push Ups (Drop & Give Me Fifty)’, Lamar has failed to respond and has left Drake looking somewhat bitter. In hip-hop, fans love to see a tit-for-tat exchange of records, but Kendrick’s silence has frustrated many, including Drake himself.

As such, the Toronto native has decided to goad Lamar into action by dropping an AI diss track that weaponises Kendrick’s idols against him. Entitled ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’, the track hears West Coast legends 2Pac and Snoop Dogg rapping lyrics directed at Kendrick.

On the track, both 2Pac and Snoop tell Kendrick that if he doesn’t respond to Drake, the West Coast will look weak. However, many see the song’s release as a sign of desperation from Drake, who is hopelessly wanting to enter a war with Lamar.

The song opens with an AI 2Pac verse that hears the late emcee rap, “Kendrick, we need ya, the West Coast savior / Engraving your name in some hip-hop history. Fuck this Canadian light-skin, Dot / We need a no-debated West Coast victory, man.”

Although ‘Pac’s verse is solid, the Snoop Dogg appearance hears more jabs at Lamar. The Doggystyle artist even questions Kendrick’s street credentials, rapping, I know you never been to jail, or wore jumpsuits and shower shoes / Never shot nobody, never stabbed nobody / Never did nothing violent to no one, it’s the homies that empower you / But, still, you gotta show this fucking owl who’s boss on the West/Now’s a time to really make a power move.”

After AI Tupac and AI Snoop finish their verses, Drake comes in and spits a flawless verse himself, calling Dot a coward for not responding to ‘Push Ups’. Many have criticised the beat as a basic, uninteresting West Coast copycat beat. 

As of yet, Lamar has not responded, and Drake is once again left looking silly. Yu can hear ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’ below.