Post Malone asks judge to shut down lawyer threatening him
(Credit: Tore Saetre)


Post Malone asks judge to shut down lawyer threatening him

Post Malone has allegedly asked a judge to shut down a law firm as one of its employees is threatening to expose what has been described as manipulative and threatening texts Malone sent to his ex-girlfriend and sue him for it.

As posted by multiple outlets, Post’s legal team filed a motion on November 8th asking that the motion get rejected and insisting that all allegations should be “dead on arrival.” Furthermore, he said any amendments to the motion, “including the ones threatened” by the firm, should be rejected.

Earlier this year, the law firm Martorell Law sued both Post and his former partner of three years, Ashlen Diaz, whom they had previously helped with legal negotiations, claiming that they were not paid for their services. Furthermore, the company accused the pair of cutting a private deal behind their backs.

Malone (real name Austin Post) released a statement at the time, calling the accusation baseless and insisted that he did not force his ex to cut a deal on the side but instead assured the firm that she no longer needed the firm.

In the firm’s recently filed response, Martorell firmly disagreed and said Post manipulated her into reaching a settlement without the firm and claimed they have “hard and detailed” proving his abuse and manipulation.

The motion filed by the firm reads, “It simply cannot be the case that one of the world’s most powerful celebrities with a documented history of physical and emotional abuse towards his romantic partner uses his power and money to deprive her of legal representation and in doing so, blatantly interferes with a contingency fee agreement robbing her attorney from being paid and gets away with it scot-free.”

It continues, “During the course of my representation of Ms Diaz, Ms Diaz informed me that she suffered from acts of domestic abuse during her dating relationship with Defendant Post, which I now believe to be related to Ms Diaz’s breach of the contingency fee agreement. Ms. Diaz provided me with photographs and text messages with Defendant Post and information relating to Defendant Post’s abuse.”

This is a developing story.