Post Malone breaks the record for the most RIAA Diamond singles
(Credit: Tore Saetre)


Post Malone breaks the record for the most RIAA Diamond singles

Post Malone has broken another record. He’s now the artist with the most RIAA Diamond-certified singles of all time.

The musician has recently had three more tracks surpass ten million sales, which takes his total to eight. The previous record was set by Bruno Mars, who has had six tracks pass this mark, but Post Malone is now operating in a league of his own after ‘Circles,’ ‘Better Now,’ and ‘I Fall Apart’ went Diamond.

According to TMZ, “Post and his label Republic Records are now compiling all the 10-mil winners for the compilation, The Diamond Collection.” However, details on the compilation album are thin, and a release date is yet to be confirmed.

Last month, Postie settled a copyright lawsuit over his 2019 hit song ‘Circles’ and has just about avoided having to go to trial. The suit arrived when a songwriter claimed he had co-made the beat for the song with Malone and did not receive the proper credit or any compensation.

Post Malone later responded, “It is an age-old story in the music business that when a song earns the type of runaway success that ‘Circles’ has garnered, an individual will come out of the woodwork, falsely claim to take credit for the song, and demand unwarranted and unearned windfall profits from the song.”

Listen to ‘Circles’ below.