Police arrest Polo G on weapons charges in Los Angeles
(Credit: YouTube)


Police arrest Polo G on weapons charges in Los Angeles

Earlier this week, Polo G was arrested by police in Los Angeles on weapons charges.

News of the incident has been confirmed to TMZ, who stated that an individual named Taurus Bartlett was arrested on Monday afternoon. He was the passenger in a car that police pulled over. They didn’t explain why they approached the vehicle, but nevertheless, they discovered the Chicago rapper carrying a weapon.

Alongside Polo’s arrest, a male juvenile was also taken into custody and faced the same charge. Sadly, this isn’t the first time that the rapper has been involved with the police this year, and back in June, he found himself in trouble in Miami.

A report claimed that he committed an array of offences such as battery on an officer, criminal mischief, and criminal mischief. Local publication, The Miami Herald stated that they pulled him over a “traffic infraction” around 12.30am on June 12th. Following this, there was then a physical interaction between him and officer Brandon Carrero.

Furthermore, witnessing officer Joseph Acuna said the pair “ended up in a struggle on the ground”, with Carrero getting hit by the rapper in the head, chin, forehead and cheek while he tried to put handcuffs on Polo G.

The 22-year-old allegedly shouted, “I will kill you, I swear I will use these fists to beat the shit out of you and knock your ass out.”