Nicki Minaj denies the rumour that she owes $173 million in taxes
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Nicki Minaj denies the rumour that she owes $173 million in taxes

Singer and rapper Nicki Minaj has hit out at the absurd rumour that she’s $173 million in debt to the IRS, blaming the bogus claim on a person who has claimed to be her assistant.

The ‘Starships’ vocalist took to Instagram Live at the weekend and responded to fans who have asked her about the rumour by laughing at how naive they are. She said: “Every day I learn that y’all [are] gettin’ dumber and fuckin’ dumber.”

As is customary for Minaj, she addressed the fake claims with much humour by breaking out into a fake cry, lamenting that “my assistant, y’all, they went and told everybody that it is true, how I owe $173million to the IRS, and I hooked up [Minaj’s personal hairstylist, Dionte Gray, aka] Tae”.

Unable to fight back the laughter, she continued: “Tae is so uncomfortable around the man I married… Tae don’t ever like to be around him, and Tae was calling that assistant, begging that assistant to stop spilling my tea.”

The rumours started to spread earlier this week when a fake Instagram account, set up in the name of ‘Kate Miller’, posted a series of allegations about Minaj, claiming that they were true under the pretext that they were her “ex assistant who she fired for absolutely no proof of fraud with her bank account”.

Alongside ‘Kate Miller’ claiming that Minaj had racked up the hefty debt of the past six years, the account also claimed that her husband Kenneth Petty was abusive, as well as that she paid $75,000 for her upcoming single ‘Freaky Girl’ to chart higher than it would be based on authentic streams. 

It’s been a busy period for Nicki Minaj, after dropping five singles already this year, she is set to release the renamed ‘Freaky Girl’ after a Twitter poll decides on its new name next Thursday.