Ma$e discusses the origin of his beef with Cam’Ron
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Ma$e discusses the origin of his beef with Cam’Ron

In a new sit-down interview with the ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ podcast, former Dipset Crew member Ma$e found himself detailing where things turned sour between him and old crew member Cam’Ron.

Both former members of Harlem crew The Diplomats, Ma$e disclosed that the fallout occurred due to money and material goods, with some members feeling that the cash wasn’t being divvied up fairly.

Putting honesty at the forefront while reflecting on his actions, he told the podcast hosts: “When I got the money, it just changed everything”. He also revealed that, among his crew members, there were enormous misconceptions surrounding his finances, stating: “They thought I had money I didn’t have…..I never got the bag.”

During the podcast, Ma$e admits to making unnecessary expenses and, in reflection, acknowledged his disregard for money, stating: “I was just flexing crazy”.

With regard to sharing, he declared it as a timing issue saying, “I never got to break them off”, and inferred that by the time he had recouped his money, the crew had already fragmented.

He rounded up with an admission telling the hosts, “That’s one of the relationships I regret.” Besides Cam’Ron, Ma$e also chose to speak on his issues with P. Diddy during the podcast.

Again, an issue relating to money, Ma$e insists that the record label owner and producer never paid him properly when they worked together in the early 2000s. Not beating around the bush, the former Diplomat member, frustrated, proclaimed: “I never got paid what I was worth, and I never got the respect I was worth.”

Regarding Diddy’s behaviour, the rapper continued, “He just kept tryna keep me right here, like he didn’t want me to grow at anything.”

Opening up, in this latest interview, Ma$e really let everything hang out, and it made for a juicy tell-all podcast. You can watch Ma$e discussing Cam’Ron around the 41-minute mark in the video below.