Machine Gun Kelly confronts stage crasher at Forbes event
(Credit: Stefan Brending)


Machine Gun Kelly confronts stage crasher at Forbes event

Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) was recently forced to confront a stage crasher at the Forbes Under 30 Summit on October 10th who rushed towards him on stage wanting to talk to him.

The emcee (real name Colson Baker) was shocked but ready when a long-haired man with a lanyard wandered up onto the stage while Baker was being interviewed by the Forbes Under 30 senior editor Kristin Stoller.

The video sees Baker instantly jump to his feet and clench his fists in rage as he prepared for what could have been an attack. Although the random fan seemed reasonably docile, MGK was clearly worried about his safety and was anticipating violence.

Although Baker jolted up, he seemed to sympathise with the fan. Rising to his feet, the lyricist stated, “My man, get the fuck away from me. Yo, what are you doing? What are you doing? This is a bad look. Don’t make me do this.”

The random figure was quickly carried offstage after he hesitantly approached the stage crasher. Following the strange incident, Baker appeared apologetic that he reacted dramatically and proclaimed, “I’m sorry, I try to live the dichotomy more on this side than the other side. I left that other guy in the past. I’m really sorry. I do apologise for my primal reaction.”

Following the stage crasher’s approach, Baker explained to the crowd that if they want to interact with celebrities, they need to be wise, stating, “Pick a good time and a place. This was a bad time and a place. When I’m eating food and noodles are in my mouth, that’s a bad time.”

He continued, “When I’m with my daughter at a volleyball game or I’m being a father, that’s a bad time. I think a lot of that is misunderstood like these are moments that are owed.” Baker then proceeded to talk about his career and experiences.