Busta Rhymes throws drink at a fan for touching his backside
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Busta Rhymes throws drink at a fan for touching his backside

A video has emerged of rap legend Busta Rhymes so furious at a fan who attempted to feel his backside at an airport, that he threw a drink at her. 

The incident occurred earlier in the week, with the footage showing Rhymes and his entourage walking through the airport surrounded by a group of excited fans when one decided to take it one step further and attempt to cop a feel. 

As the fans followed Rhymes and his team, suddenly, the woman reached through the crowd and grabbed the rapper’s behind before swiftly pulling 

away in a manner that suggested she didn’t want to get caught. Unluckily for her, though, Rhymes caught her in the act. As he did, he angrily threw his drink at her. Understandably, the clip has been doing the rounds online, with people wondering why the woman felt the need to cross the line.

Despite this infuriated blip, Rhymes is still basking in the glory of featuring in the most eye-catching performance at this year’s Grammys, the all-star 50th-anniversary tribute to hip-hop. Alongside his famous hype man Spliff Star, the Brooklyn native performed his verse on the Chris Brown track ‘Look at Me Now’. Other musicians featured in the segment were LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Run-DMC and Ice-T.

Rhymes also showed his softer side when giving hip-hop pioneer Slick Rick his flowers at a Grammy celebration ahead of him receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award. On February 3rd, the BMI hosted a pre-Grammy event celebrating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, and the recognition Slick Rick was to receive. 

Whilst posing with the pioneering British MC, Rhymes used the opportunity to alert attendees to how significant the moment was. 

“This the Godfather,” Busta explained with Slick Rick watching. “Lifetime Achievement Grammy, the win is secured. Say that shit in unison.”