Lupe Fiasco believes he can “destroy” any rapper in a battle
(Credit: Eva Rinaldi)


Lupe Fiasco believes he can "destroy" any rapper in a battle

Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco has recently come out swinging by claiming he is ready to “destroy” any rapper that wants to battle him regardless of how many records they have sold. This follows a similar challenge offered by Benzino to Eminem.

During his recent performance at Coachella, Fiasco sought to remind those in hip-hop that he is ready to battle any contender as a lyricist regardless of their status and platinum plaques. His fiery speech excited the crowd.

During his set, the ‘Superstar’ rhymer exclaimed, “Hear me clearly when I say this, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart when it comes to this art. And I quote: I will battle any motherfucking rapper anywhere, any motherfucking time! I don’t give a fuck how many records you sold, I don’t give a fuck how many awards you have.”

He continued to go on the rampage, declaring, “If you want smoke, I swear on my motherfucking soul I will run through n*ggas, I will chew up n*ggas, I will fuck up n*ggas. Quit playing with me! And that goes for every motherfucker walking and talking.”

He even challenged the critically acclaimed Flower Boy creator, Tyler The Creator, who later joined him on stage, stating, “That goes for Tyler’s motherfucking ass. That goes for you, this Bad Bunny-looking motherfucker right here. I don’t care! I do this shit for real, dawg. Stop putting my name in shit unless you want them flames and shit. I am not playing.”

Fiasco (real name Wasalu Jaco) was referencing a member of the audience who apparently looked like Bad Bunny, which led him to mention the Puerto Rican artist during his rant. 

Following the speech going viral, BBC 1Xtra’s DJ Semtex commented on the declaration and praised Jaco for his “passion” and “energy.” Responding to the DJ on Twitter/X, Fiasco wrote, “Had to add my little comment to the current narrative Semtex.” 

He concluded, “Folks been sideways on socials and in the media at me all week like I won’t casually rap these boys and girls into the shadow realm…either spawn in and smoke it up or let me finish watching these Cybertruck reviews in peace.”