Royce Da 5’9″ fires back at Lupe Fiasco’s diss track
(Credit: MikaV)


Royce Da 5'9" fires back at Lupe Fiasco's diss track

Royce Da 5’9″ has fired back at Lupe Fiasco after their rivalry escalated, and his old friend hit him with a diss track that overstepped the mark.

The two veteran rappers formerly hosted a podcast together, and the pair know each other inside out. This ‘beef’ started after they got into an argument about who was the superior lyricist and decided to battle it out the only way they know how to — in the booth. However, it soon turned serious.

Lupe started it off with a freestyle on IG Live, but Royce got professional with his take-down and responded with the six-minute lyrical clinic, ‘Silence Of The Lambda.’

This effort didn’t go down well with his opponent, and Lupe then unleashed his vicious streak on the personal, ‘Steve Jobs’, which suggests that perhaps there is actual bad blood underneath the surface of the rivalry.

Royce has revealed that there will be no round two from him, and he’s going to be the bigger man. He even labelled Lupe as “desperate”.

“I won’t attack Lu personally,” he stated. “I’m a real one with control of my emotions though desperate times call for desperate measures. You gotta talk reckless when you know you can’t check all them boxes. Tried to tell him, I’m different.”

I wouldn’t expect these two to be back hosting podcasts again together in a hurry…