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Lil Nas X turned down 'Euphoria' to work on his debut LP

Lil Nas X has revealed that he turned down a role in the hit HBO show Euphoria to focus on his debut album.

At the end of June, X revealed that his debut album, Montero, would arrive this year. However, he has yet to name a precise date when the album will be released, although the album is finished. Nas didn’t want any distractions when he made the record and solely wanted to focus on the music, which is why he turned down an alluring role in Euphoria.

“I was actually going to do Euphoria, but I didn’t want to take time away from finishing my album,” he said to Variety. “I definitely want to get into acting, but I feel I have to give it my all, and I want to focus on music for right now. I want my first movie to be amazing.”

Meanwhile, Lil Nas explained why he refuses to speak about homophobia in hip-hop in the same interview. He said, “this is a very dangerous playing field”, and admitted it’s “more for my own safety rather than anything else”.

The rapper went on to open up about a horrific incident which happened a few days after the release of the video for ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’.

He revealed, “There was literally someone who chased my car a few days after that video came out, yelling, ‘Fuck you!’ or something. That’s when I actually started getting security.”

Nas recently teamed up with Jack Harlow for the Kanye West-produced’ Industry Baby’ as he continues to tease material from his highly-anticipated debut.