Lil Nas X promises to “expose” the music industry
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Lil Nas X promises to "expose" the music industry

The provocative and controversial Atlanta emcee Lil Nas X recently took to social media to announce that he will release two new songs and promised to expose “the industry’s” secrets in the lyrics.

The country-rap star uploaded a video to TikTok in which he teased the two forthcoming tracks. In the video, he can be seen in a car, wearing a hoodie, and looking out the window scared.

The short video was captioned, “Me knowing I’m about to expose the industry next Friday and realizing I need to watch my back for the next 7 days.” The video was uploaded on the same day ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ singer Kesha told her followers that she would collaborate with Lil Nas X on a new song. However, she clarified that the track she’s on isn’t the single inspired by the January 6th Capitol riots that X revealed in a tweet recently.

Last month, Lil Nas X set up a website to tease new music. Evidenced by the domain name vendor GoDaddy revealed that on November 29th, the singer (real name Montero Hill) created the site

The site boasted cryptic succinct captions such as, “IT’S NOT TOO LATE,” “WHERE IS LIL NAS X,” and “This site is dedicated to finding him and saving him by turning his heart toward Christ’s light!”

Another section titled “DEVIL WORSHIPPER?” read, “Has the DEVIL-WORSHIPPING pop artist finally been sacrificed to HIS MASTER? WHY is he SECLUDING HIMSELF???? What is he PREPARING FOR? This site will answer ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE!!!… We will find Montero, and WE WILL SAVE HIM BY RETURNING HIS HEART TO J.CHRIST’S LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lil Nas has been criticised vehemently over the years for the satanic imagery and language he uses in his music and visuals. That said, he has recently proclaimed that he will be heading in a more religious direction with his material.