Lil Nas X picks his favourite rapper of all time
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Lil Nas X picks his favourite rapper of all time

Lil Nas X is an exciting yet polarising artist who, in 2019, exploded into the mainstream with his country-rap song ‘Old Town Road.’ The emcee (real name Montero Hill) has since become an icon as the only openly gay rapper and continues to release highly raunchy material.

‘Old Town Road’ was a viral track on TikTok, and ever since, Hill has been a highly active user of the social media platform. Last year, he uploaded a video with a quiz filter that quizzed him on his favourite rapper of all time.

Hill is highly confident, and despite criticism from figures such as Dave Chapelle and others, he has unapologetically continued to be himself and has always been unafraid of sharing his opinions. Even if others disagree.

That said, when quizzed about the identity of his favourite by a TikTok filter, the Long Live Montero star was quick to proclaim Kanye ‘Ye’ West as his favourite hip-hop artist, leaving many of his fans conflicted about his choice.

Hill was presented with several options, including Warren G, Tyler The Creator, and others. However, after whittling down the long list, Hill had to choose between André 3000 and West. This resulted in Ye’s victory as Lil Nas X’s favourite rapper.

Despite West’s controversial actions and rhetoric over the years, Hill was still happy to select him and after, told fans a story about when he met him, unveiling, “So you know, we had basically been working on the song for like a year, and I went in to meet Kanye, and he was super cool. He played me his album [Donda], and he’s played everybody his album now. Really talented man.”

He continued, “We have 2 stop acting as if Ye isn’t one of the best rappers of the generation (not justifying his behaviours).” Although YE can be problematic, the choice didn’t surprise many, as Hill and West have collaborated before. Kanye West produced Hill’s chart-topping 2021 single, ‘Industry Baby’ featuring Jack Harlow. You can hear the number-one single below.