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Lil Nas X is handing out $1m to teens via cash app

Lil Nas X is giving away $1million to teenagers through the Cash App.

The rapper tweeted his plans and revealed that he’d been using the app for years. Similarly, in June, Megan Thee Stallion gave away the same amount of money through the money-saving application.

“I’ve been on Cash App for years—and now it’s available to anyone 13+up!” Lil Nas X announced. “I know managing money as a teen can be tough & I’m thrilled more young people can take control of their financial futures w. @CashApp We’re giving $1M to anyone 13+ so drop ur $cashtag + #CashApp13plus now.”

Meanwhile, Lil Nas X recently revealed he wanted Lady Gaga to appear on his album and planned to feature Nicki Minaj on ‘Industry Baby’ rather than Jack Harlow.

During an appearance on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Live Lounge’, he made the revelation when the topic was brought up in a series of quickfire questions. “I was actually talking to Lizzo a few weeks ago [about this]. I feel that it’s definitely going to happen,” he told the station.

“It’s going to be a banger bop, everyone’s going to love it and [Radio 1 is] going to play it 3 billion times,” Nas X added.

Additionally, during a Twitter Q&A, Nas X was asked about a future song with Lady Gaga, to which he replied, “Yes I actually wanted a song with her on the album but I never finished writing to it & sending it to her.”