Kodak Black was nearly a child actor on children’s TV
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Kodak Black was nearly a child actor on children's TV

Kodak Black (real name Bill Kapri) is an aggressive, edgy Miami rapper who has faced many brushes with the law since he first emerged in 2015 with ‘No Flockin’. The emcee’s lyrics are potent and shrouded in illegality. As such, although Kapri had received fame, akin to many Florida rappers, he still had one foot in the streets and criminal underworld of Pompano Beach.

Although many know Kapri as a rapper with five studio albums, few know that, as a child, the artist nearly became a child actor. More specifically, he auditioned for several Nickelodeon children’s shows.

Black has previously insisted that he always wanted to be an artist and even disclosed that he began rapping in elementary school, recording demos in a local trap house. However, in a TikTok video that once circulated online, fans heard a young Kapri reveal that he was on the way home from an audition.

In the video clip, a young Kodak Black says, “Yeah, auditioning with Nickelodeon ’cause you know a new show coming out, feel me. Just, just stay tuned. I’m gon’ be on there. I know how to act.” Black appears to be around eight to ten years old in the video.

As such, people have speculated about the time or recording but have put it between 2007-2009, meaning Kapri was auditioning for shows such as, Mr. Meaty, Just Jordan, iCarly, The Troop and others.

None of these shows feel perfect for the video. However, many have stated that it was for the better that Black’s audition was unsuccessful as he wouldn’t have been able to gift fans his 2018 platinum-certified album, Dying To Live, and his most recent project, Pistols & Pearlz.

At the moment, Kapri is in police custody and remains behind bars for his cocaine possession. Black was found unconscious behind the wheel of his Bentley in the Plantation neighbourhood of South Florida at the end of last year.

You can see Kapri’s childhood video below.


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