Hear Kodak Black’s isolated vocals on song ‘Roll In Peace’
(Credit: David Cabera)

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Hear Kodak Black’s isolated vocals on song ‘Roll In Peace’

Kodak Black is one of the more controversial contemporary rappers around today and has had a tumultuous journey as a recording artist. Born in Broward County, Florida, the emcee first gained recognition around 2014 for his underground song ‘No Flockin’. The previously mentioned track was produced by Toronto beatmaker VinnyxProd who assembled the instrumental in his bedroom.

Black (real name Bill Kapri) found it via YouTube, and according to the Canadian musician, the video had been online for two years before gaining traction. However, he knew it would become an anthem when the view count hit the millions. Unsurprisingly it became Kodak Black’s ticket to the top.

As expected, by 2015, ‘No Flockin’ had become a must-hear track, and Kodak Black, with his unique hairstyle and distinct tone of voice, was the latest star. Kapri continued to release tracks and freestyles on YouTube throughout 2015. By 2016, he was on the front cover of XXL magazine as one of their 2016 Freshmen. However, although Kapri had received fame, akin to many Florida rappers, he still had one foot in the streets and criminal underworld of Pompano Beach. The more stardom he obtained, the more envy brewed, and effectively, Kapri has been in and out of court and jail since his emergence.

Kapri has had so many brushes with the law since he has been in the limelight that his ongoing legal troubles have become integral to his brand. With his gold grills and apparent affinity for narcotics, Kodak Black has become a strange idol for many hip-hop fans today. The Dying To Live musician has been under investigation for everything, from accusations of rape to assault, battery and possession of firearms. In spite of this, the artist has still managed to maintain a level of popularity. Kodak’s 2017 debut album, Painting Pictures, peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, and things only improved from there.

Akin to many artists from the South, Kapri was a prolific producer of mixtapes and, with career beginnings as a hardcore underground artist, maintained that grit with projects such as Institution and his iconic Project Baby 2. Released in 2017, five months after his album, Project Baby 2 was a head nod to the first body of work he ever released, his 2013 mixtape Project Baby. Put out through Dollaz N Dealz Entertainment and Sniper Gang (Kapri’s label) the mixtape flew under the radar and didn’t move the needle outside of South Florida.

On the contrary, Project Baby 2 was certified platinum by the RIAA. One of it’s standout records was ‘Roll In Peace’ featuring the late rapper XXXTentacion. The music video was co-produced by A$AP Mob (AWGE) and had several unofficial remix editions released by artists such as the Migos, Gucci Mane, Travis Scott and evn Lil Wayne. Project Baby 2 debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and was so popular it even received a deluxe re-release.

You can hear the isolated vocals for ‘Roll In Peace’ in the video below.