Kodak Black’s lawyers ask judge to put rapper in rehab
(Credit: David Cabera)


Kodak Black’s lawyers ask judge to put rapper in rehab

Kodak Black’s brushes with the law have escalated over the years, and he has recently been arrested again for violating the terms of probation after failing a drug test in Florida’s Broward County.

Kodak Black (real name Bill Kapri), following his arrest, was taken into custody and now remains behind bars for his cocaine possession. Kapri was found unconscious behind the wheel of his Bentley in the Plantation neighbourhood of South Florida.

However, since the rapper has been arrested so many times for his drug issues, the rapper’s legal team have asked a South Florida judge to refrain from sending the artist to jail and, instead, send Kapri to a rehabilitation centre in Arizona for a 90-day treatment program.

The ‘No Flockin’ emcee’s legal team have insisted that the Miami rhymer became addicted to Percocet and Oxycodone while he was sitting in a Kentucky prison in 2020 and has been hooked ever since.

Although the state attorney has opposed the motion filed by Kapri’s team, a judge at the courthouse has revealed that the decision will officially be made by the judge who will ultimately be hearing his case next year. Until then, Kodak will remain behind bars in federal prison at FDC Miami.

Earlier this month, during an Instagram Live, the Florida rapper made several confessions about his drug addictions and stated, “I was on the lean, homie. I was asleep in front of my family house, bro. That’s it. That ain’t illegal.”

However, he denied Cocaine use, declaring, “Come on, fam. Hell fuck no, bruh. Hell nah. And I ain’t finna say I’m against muthafuckas who do coke. Man, I ain’t on that shit.” You can read more about Kodak’s arrest below.