Kanye West has been banned from performing at the Grammys
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Kanye West has been banned from performing at the Grammys

The artist formerly known as Kanye West, who recently legally changed his name to Ye, has been banned from performing at the Grammys this year due to “concerning online behaviour”.

This news follows the rapper being temporarily banned from Instagram for continual abusive messages aimed at the comedian Pete Davidson who is now in a relationship with Ye’s former partner Kim Kardashian. 

This was also compounded when Ye also continually used a racial slur aimed against Daily Show host Trevor Noah owing to a segment on the comedians show that the rapper took issue with. With Noah slated to host the Grammys the decision was taken to ban Ye over his behaviour.

Ye is up for five Grammys this year as he looks to add to his winning total of 22 to date. Despite being banned from the ceremony itself, his nominations remain in place, and he is still in the running for the major awards of album of the year with Donda and best rap song with ‘Jail’. 

Aside from his online abuse, Ye also appeared to target Pete Davidson with the music video for ‘Eazy’. The animated Claymation showed Ye kidnapping a character resembling Davidson and subsequently dismembering him. 

This raised wide concerns which were voiced by Noah who said it was “terrifying to watch and shines a spotlight on what so many women go through when they choose to leave.” Nevertheless, this simply drew further wrath from Ye.