Nicki Minaj becomes QAnon icon following Covid-19 vaccine social media posts
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Nicki Minaj becomes QAnon icon following Covid-19 vaccine social media posts

Following Nicki Minaj’s bizarre ramblings about the Covid-19 vaccine, which Dr. Fauci has refuted, she has become an unlikely hero of the QAnon community.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ll have missed the rapper complaining about the Met Gala needing vaccinations for entry and explaining that is why she was absent from the event. Furthermore, commenting on why she’s currently out of the public eye, Minaj said, “I have an infant with no nannies during COVID. Who mad? Not risking his health to be seen.”

Things then got more surreal when Minaj stated that a friend of her cousin’s in Trinidad “became impotent” and “his testicles became swollen”.

“His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding,” Minaj told her millions of followers before adding “just pray on it” and “make sure you’re comfortable with [your] decision [to get vaccinated], not bullied”.

Now, it has emerged that she’s been celebrated within the Q-Anon circles on the encrypted app Telegram, which has become the social media site of choice for people of that political persuasion.

“Anons, prayers for protection for Nicki and her family,” one poster wrote according to Rolling Stone. It also featured an image of an angel with wings accompanied by the message, “One who is aligned with God is more powerful than millions who are not.”

Other individuals discussed “breadcrumbs”, and continued, “Nicki actually stated on her Twitter last night that she’s going to wear pink to the White House like on Legally Blonde to get answers,” said one user.

It continued, “What was interesting to me is in Legally Blonde the main character was Elle Woods. It got me thinking….L. Wood. Lin?,” which references Trump’s former attorney who has aligned herself with Q-Anon previously.