Joe Budden explains how Kendrick Lamar exposed “fake” rap friends
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Joe Budden explains how Kendrick Lamar exposed "fake" rap friends

Following Kendrick Lamar’s mind-blowing verse on Metro Boomin’ and Future’s single, ‘Like That,’ former rapper and podcast Joe Budden explained on his podcast why the lyrics are about exposing “phoney friendships.”

On the most recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Budden Show, Budden detailed how Kendrick Laamr’s diss aimed at Drake and J Cole on the newly released Metro Boomin album, We Don’t Trust You, is an example of just how shallow and fake many friendships in the hip-hop genre actually are. 

Budden explained how Travis Scott even asked Metro Boomin’ and Future to perform the track alongside him at Rolling Loyd California, despite the perception that Scott is supposed to be friends with Drake, who collaborated with him on ‘SICKO MODE.’

Regarding the Rolling Loud performance of ‘Like That’, Budden exclaimed, “Not you [Travis], hopping around on stage like a fuckity-fuck, saying, ‘Play the Drake diss.’ I hate these phoney friendships. Enough of this.”

He continued, “I love that Future is the one to break up all of these monetized friendships. All of the Drake all-stars that n*ggas be too scared to press Drake about, that’s [Rick] Ross, that’s [DJ] Khaled, that’s Young Thug, that’s the whole crop. He didn’t do that with Future.”

Budden proceeded to call Travis Scott a phoney n*gga for asking them to play the Drake diss verse when he had formed a business relationship with Drake in the past and collaborated with him several times.

The fact that Future was happy to release a track featuring a Drake and J Cole diss has left fans curious about how the two artists will treat each other moving forward. The two collaborated on several occasions during their careers and even co-headlined the Summer Sixteen Tour in 2016.

You can hear Joe Budden’s opinions on the phoney friendships in hip-hop below.