Kendrick steals the show on Metro Boomin’s ‘Like That’
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Kendrick steals the show on Metro Boomin's 'Like That'

Earlier this year, Georgia rapper Future announced that he and St Louis producer Metro Boomin would release two joint albums this year. Entitled, Don’t Trust You fans were looking forward to the project. However, Kendrick Lamar’s verse on one particulaar track has stolen the show. 

Future and Metro Boomin’s previous collaborations have always been hits. With tracks such as ‘Mask Off,’ when the two join forces, they impact the charts and become the centre of attention. However, Kendrick Lamar’s recent verse on ‘Like That’ has sent shockwaves through hip-hop. 

Future and Metro Boomin’s 17-track body of work is quite the masterpiece. However, the guest verse of ‘Like That’ raised some eyebrows. Lamar decided to discard the introspective, wise bars temporarily and instead aimed straight at his peers, Drake and J Cole.

The three artists are often seen as the most skilled lyricists of contemporary hip-hop, and following the release of Cole and Drake’s recent single ‘First Person Shooter,’ the Compton native aimed rhymes such as “Fuck sneak dissin’, first-person shooter/I hope they came with three switches,” directly at the pair.

He also tore to shreds the idea that Drake has reached the same level of stardom Michael Jackson had during his prime and compared himself to Prince, rapping, “N*gga, Prince outlived Mike Jack.”

Fans rarely see Lamar engaged in any sort of beef or competition. However, it seems that following the release of his 2022 project Mr Morales & The Big Steppers, the LA rhymer has returned with a new sense of Vim. 

Even Future and Metro Boomin’ knew that the guest verse was a culturally significant moment, and the following Future verse slowly fades in before it gets off the ground, allowing listeners to digest the bomb dropped in the middle of their song.

Akin to Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s Vultures album series, We Don’t Trust You will also be released in instalments. According to a trailer released on Instagram, the second instalment is set to drop on April 12th.